Membrane Separation Market Will Continue to See Dominance of Water Purification Industry, While Oil and Petrochemical Sectors Trail

What is common between processes such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, and nanofiltration? All of these are water purification processes that rely on the membrane separation technology. Membrane separation entails the use of technology or materials to sort materials by exploiting the minute gaps in their molecular arrangement or pores, without making use of any

Artificial Sweeteners Lead Low-Calorie Food Market as Consumers Regard Sugar-Free Diet as Key to Preventing Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle Diseases Create Conducive Setting for Expansion of Low-Calorie Food Market In a world plagued by lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes, choosing a healthy way of life has become a necessity and is no longer just an option. The European Association for the Study of Obesity states that since 1980, obesity has doubled

Healthcare Information Systems Market: Even as Investments Flow In, Lack of Skilled Professionals Could Mar Growth

Spiraling healthcare costs are stifling economies, but have contributed to the rapid developed of the healthcare information systems market. A healthcare information system is composed of networks and software that aims to improve outcomes by capturing, storing, analyzing, and transmitting individual or multiple healthcare records. Healthcare information systems are programmed to collect and exchange accurate

Global Hydrogen Market to Grow Significantly due to Expansion of Electrolysis of Water Segment

Hydrogen and water are two of the powerful and affordable sources of energy to power a car. For decades hydrogen has found its use in many industrial processes. However, water electrolysis is now attracting larger interest for various energy applications. Electrolysis of water segment is well-suited to cater to the needs of variable sources of

Global E-Clinical Solution Market Owes Growth to Increased Demand from Asia Pacific

Enhanced globalization of clinical trials coupled with a multitude of benefits offered by e-clinical technologies and the remarkable technological advances introduced in the field of clinical trial management solutions are driving growth in the e-clinical solutions market worldwide. The global pharmaceutical industry has ventured into the drive to magnify their clinical research investment and introduce

Global Electronic Access Control Systems Market to Expand Rapidly in Asia Pacific

Electronic access control systems (EAC) use computer technology to overcome the limitations of mechanical locking systems. These systems demand login credentials or a biometric recognition to allow access to the individual. As the world tries to fight the growing pressure of illegal activities, immigration issues, terrorist activities, fraudulence, and crime, it is urgently looking at

Rising European Geriatric Population to Boost Biological Drugs Market

Biological drugs, commonly referred to as biologics, are currently among the fastest growing segments of the global prescription products market. Unlike commercial medication, biological drugs cannot be made through a chemical recipe or a suitable medical formula. Biological drugs come from a wide range of living organisms. As biological drugs cannot be chemically synthesized, their

Global Animal Healthcare to be Driven by the Pet Adoption Trend

Growing at a 7.1% CAGR between 2014 and 2019, the global animal healthcare market which was valued at US$27861.2 million is anticipated to reach a market value worth US$41929.1 million by 2019. This market is primarily driven by a robustly growing population of production and companion animals. Animals which people domesticate and tame for companionship,

UV Disinfection Equipment Market Could Lose Revenues with Decelerating Growth of Food and Beverage Market But Exciting Opportunities Emerge in UV LED Disinfection

UV Disinfection Market is Taking Over Traditional Disinfection Methods Disinfection is an inextricable part of several industries including but not limited to food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, water and wastewater management, electronic equipment and so on. The use of ultraviolet light for disinfection has proven to be a faster, cheaper and more efficient method of eliminating

Import-Centric UHT Milk Market Thrives but Affordable Private Labels Are Catching On

While milk is one of the food items that can be described as being universal, it is also one that’s highly perishable. It’s on this account that ultra heat treated (UHT) milk has emerged as a longer-lasting alternative to fresh milk. UHT milk is treated at high temperatures (between 275 and 284 degrees F) and

Sports Nutrition Market Witnesses Shift in Trends in Major Regional Markets of North America and Asia Pacific

Sports nutrition products include drinks, food, and supplements and are consumed by professional athletes as well as those interested in maintaining a healthy and physically active lifestyle. Growing awareness regarding the long-term benefits and importance of sports nutrition products has helped expand the consumer base for the same with time. While North America leads the

Orthopedic Trauma Fixation Devices Market to See Much Dynamism in the Bioabsorbable Fixators Segment

Higher fractures and bone-related disorders stimulate demand for orthopedic trauma fixation devices Bone-related diseases and disorders are on the rise worldwide, leading to a higher number of fractures. The International Osteoporosis Foundation states that over 8.9 million fractures result from osteoporosis annually. These factors have given rise to a spike in demand for orthopedic trauma

Global Obesity Surgery Devices Market Holds Scope for Growth in Less Invasive Procedures and Gastric Electrical Stimulation (GES)

In 2014, the number of obese adults in the world topped 1.9 billion. Obesity is also a disease that affects a greater number of children and infants today. In case of life threatening or debilitating obesity, surgery is the only immediate option. This creates an ideal setting for the thriving obesity surgery devices market. Read

Home Infusion Market to be Driven by Globally Rising Geriatric Population and Increased Prevalence of Chronic Diseases

Home infusion is the course of infusion therapies undertaken in surroundings familiar to patients. Typically, infusion therapy refers to the therapeutic mechanisms where a drug is delivered through intravenous modes. However, they may also refer to drug delivery through non-oral routes such as epidural or intramuscular injections. Home infusion therapies involve the use of a

Asia Pacific to Emerge as Lucrative Market for Microfluidic Devices by 2019

The field of microfluidic systems has emerged as one of the most attractive platforms in the field of diagnosis. Medical science has come a long way since its early days of discovery. It has evolved over the years and made way for newer therapeutic and diagnostic approaches that deliver more accurate diagnoses and more precisely

Medical Fiber Optics Gain Recognition among Surgeons, Market to reach US$1,336.1 Million by 2019

Optical fibers are transparent and flexible fibers that are made of superior quality plastic, glass, and silica. Used for light conductors and illumination, fiber optics have a plethora of diagnostic and surgical applications in the field of medicine. There are two primary types of fiber optics: single mode fiber and multiple mode fiber, and in

Thriving Clinical Trial Management System Market Faces Sole Challenge of Regulatory Restrictions

Clinical trials refer to medical research that is conducted to ascertain the efficacy and safety of medical or surgical devices, drugs, and therapeutic products before declaring them commercially safe for human consumption or use. Clinical trial management systems (CTMS) have come into effect owing to a mounting number of trials being performed by researchers, healthcare

Rising Electricity Prices to Drive Global Solar Trackers Market During Forecast Period 2012 to 2018 : Transparency Market Research

Albany, New York, Feb 09, 2015: According to a recently published study by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global solar trackers market is expected to reach an installed capacity of 6998.8 MW by 2020. TMR, a U.S.-based market research firm, states in its report that the global solar trackers market, which had an annual installed

Mounting Popularity of Big Data Propelling the Predictive Analytics Market to reach US$6,546.4 million by 2019 : Transparency Market Research

Albany, New York, Feb 09, 2015: Transparency Market Research (TMR), a market intelligence firm based in the U.S., announces the release of a report titled “Predictive Analytics Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2013 – 2019”. According to the report, the global predictive analytics market stood at US$2,087.3 million in

Enterprise Storage to Dominate the Next Generation Memory Technologies Market by 2019 : Transparency Market Research

Albany, New York, Feb 04, 2015: A recent report published by Transparency Market Research (TMR) presents an analysis of the next generation memory technologies market. The global next generation memory technologies market was valued at US$207.8 million in 2012 andis estimated to grow at a 46.1% CAGR during 2013-2019. The research report is titled “Next