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WinterGreen Research announces that it has a new study on Nuclear Response Robots. The 2013 study has 686 pages, 184 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as automated process is put in place to provide nuclear power capability worldwide. These responder robots are evolving a new core technology in which all participants in the industry and in governments worldwide must invest.We all know the story, “Let me go I am old,” the very very brave man who went into the melted down nuclear facility in Japan, pushing his younger colleagues out of the way of harm.Nuclear response robots are being built out so the nuclear industry can build out devices that leverage rapid safe response. Well, now is the time to use robots in this nuclear industry.

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According to Susan Eustis, lead author of the team that put the study together, “Until now, robot technology has not been robust enough to reasonably supplement human tasks in handling of nuclear situations. That is no longer the case, robots have sufficient mobility, size, sensors, and tooling to be effective in a variety of situations.” Nuclear response robots are anticipated to have significant market growth as people in the industry begin to recognize the value of automated process in dealing with radiation.Nuclear responder robots are mobile automated process platforms that are responsive to nuclear handling needs. They are emerging in the context of globalization and nuclear energy development. Nuclear robots are inherently local, they are used locally at nuclear energy installations and for materials handling where the materials may be radioactive. They are needed by personnel in particularly dangerous situations. Nuclear responder robots are evolving as specially designed ground robots used to address nuclear and defense needs to support managing radioactive materials.

Nuclear response robot market shares and market forecast analysis considers that the targeted robots have a new market based on robotic advances in size, mobility, sensors, and materials handling devices.The move from a primary delivery with a cost structure that accounts for truck rolls to a portable device market is set to bring dramatic changes to the industry. For vendors that have relied on the distribution network and financing the distribution network, their hold on the market has shifted.Nuclear responder robot markets at $55 million in 2012 are anticipated to reach $1.1 billion dollars by 2019. Growth is a result of new interest in introducing automated process into nuclear markets.

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  1. Nuclear Response Robots Market Description and Market Dynamics
    1.1 Nuclear Responders
    1.1.1 Nuclear Industry Need for Robot Responders
    1.2 Nuclear Response Robot Scope
    1.2.1 Nuclear Response Robot Applications
    1.3 Transition Between The Current Market And Where The Market Is Going
    1.3.1 Nuclear Response Robot Reconnaissance
    1.3.2 Recharging The Robot’s Batteries
    1.3.3 Specialized Tools
    1.3.4 Nuclear Response Robot Mission Control
    1.4 Different Sizes of UGVs
    1.4.1 Types of First Responder Robots
    1.4.2 Telerob Explosive Observation Robot and Ordnance Disposal
    1.4.3 QinetiQ North America Talon® Robots Universal Disrupter Mount
    1.4.4 General Dynamics Next-Generation CROWS II Increases First Responders Safety
    1.4.5 First Responder Unmanned Ground Vehicle from iRobot
    1.5 UGV Enabling Technologies
    1.5.1 Sensor Processing
    1.5.2 Machine Autonomy
  2. Nuclear Response Robots Market Shares and Forecasts
    2.1 Nuclear Robots Leverage Rapid Safe Response
    2.1.1 Nuclear Response Robot Market Driving Forces
    2.2 Nuclear Response Robot Market Shares
    2.2.1 Selected Leading Nuclear First Responder Robots
    2.2.2 Energid / Mitsubishi Next-Generation Robot for Nuclear Power Plant Heat Exchanger Tube Inspection
    2.2.3 Northrop Grumman
    2.2.4 Northrop Grumman
    2.2.5 General Dynamics Robotic Systems
    2.2.6 iRobot Robots
    2.2.7 iRobot Research / iRobot Collaborative Systems
    2.2.8 iRobot Packbot
    2.2.9 iRobot PackBot Scout
    2.2.10 iRobot PackBot Explorer
    2.2.11 iRobot
    2.2.12 iRobot Research / iRobot Collaborative Systems
    2.2.13 Thales Group Mini UAV and UGVs
    2.2.14 Kongsberg
    2.2.15 BLACK-I Antiterrorist ROBOTICS
    2.2.16 QinetiQ North America’s Dra

. Robots for the Nuclear Industry: Product Description
3.1 Energid / Mitsubishi Next-Generation Robot for Nuclear Power Plant Heat Exchanger Tube Inspection
3.1.1 Energid SelectinTM
3.2 Pedsco
3.3 ReconRobotics Tactical, Micro-Robot Systems
3.3.1 Recon Robotics Recon Scout IR
3.3.2 Recon Robotics Recon Scout XL
3.3.3 Recon Robotics Throwbot XT
3.3.4 Recon Robotics Searchstick
3.4 Mitsubishi SCARA Robots
3.5 iRobot
3.5.1 iRobot® PackBot® 510 for First Responders
3.5.2 iRobot® PackBot® 510 for HazMat Technicians
3.5.3 iRobot® 510 PackBot® for EOD Swat Technicians
3.5.4 iRobot® PackBot® 510 for Border Patrol
3.5.5 iRobot® PackBot® 510 for Law Enforcement Engineers
3.5.6 iRobot 710 Warrior&trade
3.5.7 iRobot® 110 FirstLook®
3.5.8 iRobot® SUGV
3.6 Northrop Grumman
3.6.1 Northrop Grumman F6A – First Responders & SWAT
3.6.2 Northrop Grumman Andros Robots
3.6.3 Northrop Grumman ANDROS Hazmat
3.6.4 Northrop Grumman Mark V-A1 – HAZMAT Tec

  1. Nuclear Response Robot Technology
    4.1 Nuclear Response Robot Technology Enablers
    4.1.1 Military Robot Logistics
    4.2 MRAP ATV: Requirements and Contenders
    4.3 First Responder Intel Integrated Circuit Evidence-Based Innovation
    4.3.1 Open Robotic Control Software
    4.3.2 First Responder Robot Key Technology
    4.3.3 PC-Bots
    4.3.4 Visual Simultaneous Localization & Mapping
    4.4 Advanced Robot Technology: Navigation, Mobility, And Manipulation
    4.4.1 Robot Intelligence Systems
    4.4.2 Real-World, Dynamic Sensing
    4.5 User-Friendly Interfaces
    4.5.1 Tightly-Integrated, Electromechanical Robot Design
    4.6 Field Based Robotics Iterative Development
    4.6.1 Next-Generation Products Leverage Model
    4.6.2 Modular Robot Structure And Control
    4.6.3 Lattice Architectures
    4.6.4 Chain / Tree Architectures
    4.6.5 Deterministic Reconfiguration
    4.6.6 Stochastic Reconfiguration
    4.6.7 Modular Robotic Systems
    4.7 Intel Military Robot Cultivating Collaborations
    4.8 Hitachi Configuration Of Robots Using The SuperH Family
    4.8.1 Hitachi Concept of MMU And Logic Space
  2. Nuclear Response Robots Company Description
    5.1 AB Precision (Poole) Ltd
    5.1.1 AB Precision (Poole) Ltd Dragon (ABL900) de-armer
    5.1.2 AB Precision (Poole) Ltd Limpet Mine Disposal Equipment
    5.1.3 AB Precision (Poole) Ltd IED disruptor devices
    5.1.4 AB Precision (Poole) Ltd Recoilless Disruptors
    5.1.5 AB Precision (Poole) Ltd Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Equipment
    5.2 Allen Vanguard
    5.2.1 Allen Vanguard Rapid Development
    5.3 BAE Systems
    5.2 Black I Robotics
    5.4 Boston Dynamics
    5.3 Carnegie Mellon University
    5.3.1 Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science (SCS)
    5.4 Chemring EOD Limited
    5.4.1 Chemring EOD Limited Initiation Systems / Exploders
    5.4.2 Chemring EOD Limited ROV Integration Packages
    5.4.3 Chemring EOD Limited Security: VehicleScan – Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems
    5.5 Diakont
    5.5.1 Diakont RPV Test Specimens Removed Safely and Effectively with Diakont Manipulator
    5.5 DCD-DORBYL (Pty) Ltd) / RSD (the Rolling Stock and Defense Division

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