Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet On Sale

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet On Sale

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Sale On August 23 – If Acer has plummeted in the field of PC sales, according to the manufacturer ITespresso China jumped by 22.5% (sales volume) between Q2 2010 and Q2 2011. And he also intends to assert itself in the shelves. The tablet contains the names of laptops (IBM initially) that made its success. The ThinkPad will be launched August 23, 2011 with a first prize to $ 480 (with 16GB of internal memory) and a second model at $ 510 (32GB), there is also a 64GB version.

Carrying a Tegra SoC 2, the ThinkPad has the air of IdeaPad K1. The new Lenovo tablet will have two AFN (front and back), owner of an overlay and pre-installed apps. The Chinese manufacturer has its own store with Lenovo App Store. It will support the use of a stylus while providing a capacitive screen. She plays both the map of the general public, but should also appeal to professionals.

We reported about the possibility of a price war of Android tablet, Lenovo, but does not seem to connect to this fight. As other companies begin their prices tablet entry-level to reduce to $ 400 and below, Lenovo will be the other way, at a starting price of $ 479.99. To be fair, that’s still a drop, when Lenovo announced the ThinkPad, it said it would be sold for $ 499.

As for the IdeaPad K1, it will be available from August 9. A feature of this tablet is that helps him stand out is that it notes with a stylus on the screen comes. The website does not mention all the applications that can benefit from combined with the stylus, like those installed on the HTC flyer. In contrast to the circular, with the pen in the price of the ThinkPad, which help explain the price could be included.

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