Causes of Recurrent Primary Complex (PTB)

I often heard my friends who told me that their daughter is suffer from recurrent Primary Complex or recurrent PTB.

As of now my daughter is under medication for Primary Complex. She already consumed one month and I am worried if PTB is keep on coming back even though it already treated.  So I ask my pediatrician about this, she told me that re-infected can occur if
The primary source is not treated and not be able to take medication properly or incomplete treatment.  Just like us, I and my husband also advised to have chest x-ray so that she will able to locate the source of infection. Our chest x-ray came out negative so we really don’t know.

The three drugs, Isoniazid, Rifampicin and  Pyrazinamide should be taken for about 6 months and more depending on the evaluation of your physician.  Pyrazinamide is taken for the initial of two months while Isoniazid and Rifampicin is continued for four months and more.  An indication that your kid or child is responding to the TB medication and is getting healed is weight gain.  Symptoms of PTB includes weight loss, on and off cough, loss of appetite, low grade afternoon or night fever, etc.

In order to avoid the recurrence of Primary complex, make sure to give medicines everyday religiously for six months or more. If not, bacteria will develop into more med resistant kind.  Also, as much as possible, find the source of infection, make sure to your household member will be screening for PTB or Tuberculosis since the infection is came from adult.  Other causes of re-infected PTB is a weak immune system so be sure to build strong immune system of your children.

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