How to Make Money Blogging

If you want to make money blogging, you will need to have somewhere to house your content. I know, that’s an obvious statement, however, setting up a website can be a little scary if you have no or little experience.

What most beginners don’t realize is most programs are designed to make the process as painless as possible. Besides, there are numerous videos and blogs which walk you through the steps, so you know how to start a blog and make money.

However, even before you decide on a domain name or which site to use to build your blog, you need to figure out what your niche is going to be and create helpful content that is also unique.

Start Writing as Early as Possible

Some say create a blog first, however, having the experience of owning a blog, I will tell you that having lots of prewritten content will save you from a lot of headaches. What I know is a blog is nothing without well-written, meaningful content.

The content must have value and contribute to your audience. It doesn’t matter what you write about, but the subject should provide a solution to a problem, make people feel better or even look better. It’s not necessary, however, it would help if you knew something about your topics or niche.

You don’t want to make a blog about mechanics and know absolutely nothing about changing the oil in a car. You can’t fool experts and a lot of your readers will know more than you think. They will be able to pick up on mistakes you didn’t know you made.

Your audience must be able to trust what you’re saying is true and legitimate. Always back your findings with links to high-authority sites and to professionals in the industry. This is highly important if you want to make money blogging.

Build Your Following

Before you launch your website, you should start to build a following on social media. Your target audience are the ones who will make your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. famous and to help you start making money from a blog. Without them, your presence on social media will go unnoticed. Use the platform’s tools to develop and grow the right audience. Connect with them in a friendly and sincere way.

By the way, if you thought you could just build a website, launch it, and make money blogging, I’m sorry you are mistaken. It’s a jungle out here.

You can do polls and podcasts to return results on what kinds of subject matter people are interested in. Talk to friends, family, and your neighbours to find out what their interest are, what needs are not met through the online community. Incorporate those ideas into your blog. Start developing a rapport with your audience so they continue to follow you.

Streams of Income

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, diversify.  Join as many affiliate programs as you can including Amazon. Websites such as has hundreds of merchants in one place. I’m sure there’s one which meets your niche and needs.

Write content according to your merchants and post to social media profiles. Pinterest is a terrific outlet to use for advertising your merchandise. Don’t stop there – Vendors love Instagram as they have over a billion users. No one said this was going to be easy otherwise everyone would make money blogging.

Host an Event

Depending on what you’re selling, host an event and invite others to bring their businesses to the table. Some people may sell jewellery, candles, or own a T-shirt  business. Having a friend who is good at organizing would be a good start to help you set up meetings.

Offer Your Services

I’ve seen many writers make additional income by posting a services page on their website. Since you are a proven writer, you could offer your services to your readers or even promote their website on your blog if it will provide value to your audience.

Write an eBook

After you decide on a niche, write a book. Advertise it, promote it on your favourite social platforms and on your website. A great way to entice them to buy is to offer something of value for free.

There are plenty of men and women making money blogging, however, it didn’t happen overnight. A great number started a couple of years ago and others have been going at it for years. The one thing they all have in common is they have  remained consistent.

Through engagement with their audiences, they have come to have great retention and following. You can also get advice from someone who knows how to make a blog successful. Here are a few bloggers you should follow:

The Bachelorette –

Amanda Stanton is a resident of sunny southern California. She’s a single mother with a style and voice of her own. She expresses herself through her designs and her 1.2m Instagram followers love her (

The classy and former Bachelorette posts personal glimpses of her life and of her fashion choices. It’s easy to see why brands like Ripar Cosmetics and Third Love calls on her ability to influence and persuade.

Sydney Chic Blog –

There’s no mistaking the owner of the Sydney Chic Blog as she’s quiet unique. Deb Carr launched her lifestyle blog in 2013. You can catch her travelling, attending special events, visiting posh hotels and more. Deb is the Chic to follow as she has over 15,000 Twitter followers and roughly 3,000 dedicated Facebook fans.

Camila Coelho –

Not everyone will have this Instagram blogger’s success, but we can certainly aspire. With her 7.2 million Instagram followers, Camila is the blogger ho knows how to make money blogging!

The makeup artist is from Brazil so everyone wants to know her tips on makeup, fashion and beauty.


There are millions of website owners and tons of people with sites like the one you’re thinking about. No mistake about it… you are not the only one with a site discussing wild flowers and their effects on insects, animals, and people.

The one mistake a lot of new bloggers make is linking to each other. As a newbie, your site will not have any clout and neither will theirs. You need to link to sites with authority to help build your credibility. Yes, link building is another critical area in which you should know about so do your research.